A First Responder (EMR) is trained to provide the initial care and treatment of the sick and injured in an emergent situation. The first responder provides this level of care until the arrival of the County Paramedics, then continues to provide care and assistance under the direction of the County EMS service.

Desired Minimum Qualifications to be a Sister Bay & Liberty Grove First Responder:
1) Minimum 18 years old
2) Ability to obtain and maintain a Wisconsin Driver’s License
3) Provide proof of auto insurance
4) No previous felony convictions*
5) No previous drug charges
6) No previous sex related charges
7) Must be able to handle the physical demands of the position
8) Individuals with ongoing medical conditions may require to provide a medical release from their physician
9) Show proof of, or receive current vaccines as recommended by the State of WI
10) Agree to extensive background investigation
11) Agree to random drug testing at the discretion of Fire Chief and/or Service Director

Do you want to Volunteer but not as a Firefighter or First Responder? Contact us for more information!