FAQ’s About CPR/ARD Training

How long are the classes?

Most classes run about 3 hours; however, we have found that students feel the time goes by very quickly because of the amount of interaction and hands on time that is available.


Do I get certified?

Yes, you will receive a certification via email usually within 7 days of completion of the class. If you do not receive the certification, we suggest you check your spam folder. If it’s not there, please contact us.


Who is the certification through?

The certification if through the American Health and Safety Institute (ASHI) and is accepted by most organizations – for example the State of Wisconsin recongnizes the ASHI certification for all EMR’s, EMT’s and Paramedic’s in Wisconsin. There are some specific organizations that do not recognize ASHI, if you need help with this please contact us.


How often do I need to take the classes?

The ASHI certification, like all other certifications, is good for 2 years. We strongly encourage you not to wait the full 2 years to get recertified, especially if this certification is required for your employment.


Is this the same as the American Heart (AHA) CPR?

The ASHI program and the AHA follow the same guidelines and teach the same techniques. Each program is updated frequently to stay in line with the current trends and teaching sin CPR and resuscitation.


Can we have the class at our location?

Maybe – Due to the amount of equipment, technology, and space needed to provide a quality learning experience we try to hold all our classes at the Sister Bay Fire Station. We have on occasion been able to move the class to a different location, if all the overall technical and spaces needs or the class are met. Dur to the fact that our instructors are compensated for their time there are additional costs associated with moving the class to a location other than the Sister Bay Fire Station.


How many people have you taught?

When this program was first discussed we had hopped to provide 4 classes per year – in 2019 we provided 22 classes. To date we have trained over 600 residents and guest of Door County, including the majority of the EMR’s, EMT’s, and Paramedics.


Is the class all lecture or is there some hands on?

We pride ourselves in a very interactive hands on learning approach with a strong student to instructor ratio. Overall, the class is about 50/50 hands on and lecture and is broken into multiple opportunities to practice what you are learning.


I want to have a class for my business, what are the minimum and maximum number of people you will hold a special class for?

Two of the founding goals of our program are accessibility and a high instructor to student ratio. With these goals in mind, we try to have a minimum of four students per class and not exceed twelve students.


Are you still holding classes with the COVID 19 pandemic?

Yes, we have recently resumed providing CPR training. Many of our medical professionals in Door County rely on our program to maintain their license.


What additional precautions are your taking to prevent the spread of and virus?

Due to COVID 19 we are taking the following precautions:
– We will practice social distancing in the classroom and during practical evolutions.
– We will ask you to wear a mask when it is practical.
– Each student will have a dedicated CPR manikin with no sharing of training aids.
– All supplies with be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between classes.
– We would ask if you are not feeling well please not attend one of our classes.